Autumn is the season to show off your knitted gems!

It has been getting colder the last pair of weeks, but the sun hasn’t stopped spreading her warmth. The there’s only one big question I have to deal with in the morning, and I don’t think I’m the only one here: nice and thick knitted sweater or a coat or jacket? Because it’s not really cold enough to be wearing both.

Lately I’ve been choosing a lot for the sweater option, so, more on my perfect autumn coat later!

Last week I went on to H&M’s online shop and started my quest for a few new knitted sweaters. I picked out three different styles and combined them in three different outfits.

First, I chose this simple blue one and paired it with my favourite track pants from Monki and a comfy pair of simple white Nikes. By tucking in the sweater instead of letting it just flow over your waist. You can go from sloppy girl who’s queuing in the chip shop on a Sunday evening – obviously if this is what you want to go for, go slam them all with the fancy pants and enjoy them fries – to the casual, yet sophisticated girl who rocks the quit exceptional pastel yellow track pants in just a second.

Quite an explanation, so you’ll already noticed that this outfit really is my favourite of the moment!

Everyone who knows me just a little bit, will tell you that I’m practically addicted to pink. And more specifically the dusty old pink. When I scrolled past this beautiful piece, I obviously couldn’t stop myself from putting it in the basket.

I combined it with my bulky furry loafers from Tamaris and a dark grey pair of dressy H&M trousers. The belt is also H&M – woops. This outfit is a bit more formal and is also wearable with a pair of classy high heels to complete the girl boss attitude. The pull is quite loose and cosy, but the v-neck gives it the elegance every formal outfit needs. The glitter socks from CKS just finish it all!

And last but not least, the inbetweenie! I wouldn’t really call it a casual outfit, but it’s also not really formal. To me, this dark red sweater with puffy sleeves and a tighter collar just screamed for a blouse underneath it. I chose for a good old dark blue culotte and some fancy silver heeled sandals. It’s an outfit I would wear on a regular day of school as well as on a Sunday family get together.


What outfit would you choose for a casual day of work/school?


Lots of love,

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