HOTSPOT // Gui Ghent

On Tuesdays I have a big gap of an hour and a half in my schedule in between my political and sociological science courses. As I’m still working on ‘tha bodyy’ with WeightWatchers -soon, a full article dedicated to my weight loss journey will be up soon- I have been searching for a new healthy lunch spot.

Avocado toast en hoummous toast

I decided to go to Gui in the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat in Ghent. Gui is a plantbased lunchspot where you can discover some homemade soup, healthy juices and smoothiebowls. And it’s all very budget-friendly! They’re really kind and the interior is clean & neat, yet really welcoming. Even the toilet is beautifully decorated.

It’s my personal mission to let people discover how surprisingly tasty and varied healthy, plant-based food can be with respect for people, animals and nature.     – Gui

Everything they sell is homemade and they also have a selection of guiltfree desserts. Go take a look and try the guaca toast, it’s definitely my favourite! You could also go for a bowl of their homemade soup or for a combination of soup and toast.


Ever since I tried it a few weeks ago, it has become my standard lunch spot on Tuesdays!


See you there! 


Lots of love,

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