Hi there!

It’s me, Mare Verbeiren, the author of ‘Blondine’. I live in Belgium, more specifically near Aalst. During the week I study communication at the University of Ghent, but I always spend my weekends at home with my parents and my brother. My native language is Dutch, so me trying to blog in English is a bit of an adventure. I will try not to make any mistakes, but I’m not perfect though. Please don’t hesitate to correct me in the comment box.

Anyways, enough about my language skills.


This isn’t my first blog. When I was about 14 years old, I started a blog named ‘Blond & Creative’ on which I posted DIY’s, beauty related stuff, outfits of the day and random things I wanted to write about. At the beginning, I was very dedicated to writing something every week. After that, there came some ups and downs in the amount of time that I spent writing or coming up with new ideas for my blog. Conclusion? After three years of running a blog that didn’t really work, I quit. I thought that maybe blogging wasn’t really something for me.

Later, in the summer of 2017. I truly started to miss writing and sharing my thoughts with a crowd bigger than just my group of friends, so I created a new blog called Blondine. This didn’t really become a succes as well, due to a difficult first year of studying law. In the meantime, I have already switched to communication and everything is going great!

I still missed blogging, so I started doing some research on how I could improve the durability of maintaining a blog.


I kept the name Blondine  –because it’s always the first thing people think of when describing me-  but changed the layout and concept.  A blog that is focused only on my little fashion and travel adventures.

If you would ever have any questions about me or at what I’m trying to clear out here on this blog, feel free to hit the comment box or go to the contact page!


Lots of love,

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